The paintiano concept visualizes the music composition as such, as it was created by the musician genius. It is based on a pure scientific platform bridging art and science.

While listening to a music composition we perceive the tones sequentially. They materialize the genius of the composer and his/her intention expressed through the created master piece. paintiano is conceptual art offering a translation of the note-by-note evolving music to a holistic, colorful painting on the canvas.
The geometry of the concept (i.e. the format of the canvas, as well as the dimensions of the basic building block of the painting) is determined by the golden ratio (phi).

paintiano exists in two variations:

a) Spectral – shifts music tones multiple octaves higher to the level of visible light. It assigns to music frequencies the respective light frequencies. This variation of the concept is purely scientific as the only human contribution is the music composition itself. The transformation of sound to light doesn’t include any human factor.

b) Harmony – relates music tones with the colors in sense of the Circle of 5th scheme. It assigns to harmonic tones the analogous colors and to disharmonic ones the complementary colors. This variation of the concept is “more human” since it based on human perception of harmonic/analogous and disharmonic/complementary.

Here you can see Carl Vine “Piano Sonata – 1st Movement” visualized using the paintiano concept in Harmony variation.